Client Populations


Children aged 8-12

Children may benefit from coaching by helping them navigate confusing emotions and appropriate social behavior during their most impressionable years.


Ages 13-18

Adjustments in this stage of life often prove difficult due to the physiological changes that come with puberty and adolescence.  Teens are also striving to establish their identity as a person and balance that with the expectations placed on them by family and friends.

Young and Mature Adults


Transitions in this stage of life are many and varied as many may be starting or finishing school, establishing their career, getting married, starting a family, or dealing with life issues related to having a family and career.  These factors greatly contribute to the reasons clients in this age range may seek services.

Middle Aged Adults


From raising children to launching them and dealing with being empty nesters, clients in this age range often seek services to help them adjust to the changes and difficulties this stage of life brings. 

Older Adults

65 and Up

Many older adults seek services to help them deal with the loneliness that often accompanies this season of life and to help reconcile their life choices with who they are as they enter their last phase of life.

Clients with Mental Health Diagnoses

There are many mental health diagnoses clients may present with, but those I most commonly encounter include depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, and autism.  I am not licensed to treat these conditions, but I will happily offer consultation and coaching services to any clients with diagnoses.  If you desire treatment for any type of mental health diagnosis, I am happy to make a reputable referral.